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The only car storage provider in the world that offers professional state of the art car storage in a jurisdiction which allows tax neutral ownership structuring to ensure your (road registered) investment car’s capital value is secured without embedded consumption taxes (VAT).

2 Storage options

Independent “sole use” vehicle bays

Battery Conditioners

Breathable fabric car covers

Weekly inspections

On boarding audit with photo survey

Maintenance logs kept on all vehicles

ISO 27001 UKAS Certified


We understand how important the careful storage and maintenance of your priceless classic or exotic super car is to you. We have a focused discipline in the care we provide and you can rest assured your car is in good hands while in our storage facilities.


Pricing: £550.00 per month*


Pricing: From £275 per month*


Our data security and information management systems are key to the discrete nature of our storage solutions and these processes have been subject to certification following an independent audit of our operations.


There are no Consumption or VAT taxes in Guernsey. No additional taxes are applied to our pricing structure.

For a Director’s time dealing with advisory services, ownership structuring and any bespoke consulting from our leadership team, there is a charge of £265 per hour.

For the Operation Manager’s time dealing with care and attention to the Vehicles at the facility over and above what is included in the basic rental prices, there is a charge of £85 per hour.


Our Testimonials

"My Aston Martin Vanquish Shooting Brake by Zagato was offshored into storage through Le Riche Automobile. They provided a turn-key solution. I often travel through my work and time is such a precious resource. I needed a specialist to whom I could entrust my Zagato who would provide the necessary expertise to correctly export the car to ensure its VAT Qualified status was effective. They dealt with all aspects of this transaction, from ownership structuring, vehicle movement, liaising with their HMRC agents for the correct export notices to be provided and finally to offshore road registration. Their facility is excellent and the team is expert in everything they do. Highly recommended. "

- Daron H

"When I inherited my late husband’s classic car, I was not really focused on what it represented as an investment nor did I have any idea what should happen next. I am so glad I used Le Riche Automobile to advise me, they collected it and dealt with all aspects of storing it and managing its maintenance. Based on their guidance I am so pleased as its value has appreciated and at some point, my grandchildren will benefit from my husband’s pride and joy as his legacy. But presently I am happy its in safe hands. "

- Jackie H

"Our 1934 3 ½ Litre Bentley was one of the first full coachwork restorations undertaken by Le Riche, in 1992. We were delighted with the result and over thirty years later the car still attracts admiring glances and comments wherever it goes - and this includes several continental European tours and multiple rallies, testament to the high standard of workmanship. A full car restoration doesn't come cheap, but as Henry Royce said, 'the quality remains when the price is forgotten."

- John B

"Having acquired a limited-edition evocation of a historic British Icon made by Bentley, the challenge was to arrange road registration, as the car, like many of these historic “tool room” copies was supplied unregistered. I was recommended Joe Castellino at Le Riche Automobile based offshore in the Channel Islands. Within a very short time he advised a solution to the issues which was efficient, quick and fair to other options put forward. My wife and I visited Joe in Jersey, and we spent an enjoyable day admiring interesting historic cars in the Le Riche Workshops and the wonderful sights and food of this pretty island. I highly recommend Joe at Le Riche Automobile to you for specialist consultancy on registration , location and storage."

- Mart & Irene. V

"I oversee a collection of cars located globally. The collection varies from rare historic vintage cars through to modern new super cars such as the Aston Martin Valkyrie. We work extensively with Joe Castellino and his team to ensure the collection is well administered and valued for insurance purposes. Joe’s expertise stretches to location , tax and registration issues as well as individual SVA tests modifications for registration, and much more. All aspects of the collection are considered, curated, and advised on as the valuable assets they now represent. The storage facility at Le Riche is “state of the art” and the handling and logistics skills of Le Riche give great comfort that we work with like-minded professionals in the care of our collection."

- Mike D. Texas. USA

"I have worked with Joe and Ian at Le Riche Automobile for two decades now. They have assisted in locating and supplying some very significant components of my collection of rare classic cars. Joe and Ian each have over 30 years’ experience working in the field of specialist vehicle restoration, sales, and consultancy. It is a comfort to know expertise is to hand through Le Riche when assembling an investment collection with their expert surveying of the cars of interest always readily available. Even if it is just to exchange views and share thoughts on trends and opportunities in this complex marketplace, the Le Riche team are always supportive with good advice. Joe and Ian value my collection on an ongoing basis and over the years we have become good friends. It’s always fun interacting with the Le Riche team. "

- DJ Jersey

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